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Welcome to the Education page! The purpose of this page is to present relevant and important topics from various perspectives. I will host video and/or Facebook Live conversations with various guests. Viewers will be invited to submit questions and comments about our conversations to enhance the overall learning experience.

cherigale buchanan education

Quarterly Topic: Diversity (Airing Date TBD)

An important topic that needs to be addressed is Diversity in the America.  Broadly, the USA prides itself on its cultural and ethnic variation.  This pride is reflected in the changing complexion of various institutions in the US.  For example, a 15-year study out of Baylor University and Northern Park University in Chicago suggests that the percentage of multiracial congregations and the amount of racial/ethnic diversity in US churches has increased; mostly in protestant churches (Dougherty & Emerson, 2018). The study also suggests that churches still remain more segregated than society. 

US Census Bureau data report "some progress has been made toward increasing diversity in higher education and improving educational opportunities for individuals in certain groups." School segregation and educational inequity are closely related to this trend. For example, The New York Times ". . .reports more than 50% of schoolchildren in the U.S. are in racially concentrated districts. Some districts are also segregated by income. These factors intensify the diversity gaps in higher education. Some ". . . causes for these gaps include structural inequalities, disparities in access to resources, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. A deeper dive into these issues is a critical step in creating more equity in education." For additional information on The Diversity Gaps in Higher Education, visit:

Now, before we can honestly understand these and other related issues, it is important to understand our own beliefs about diversity. 

Topic 1: Crossing Your Own Familiar Borders:  Understanding Your Own Beliefs About Diversity

Some guests and I will share the origins of our own ideas about diversity.  We will then reflect on our ideas about diversity and determine if they are accurate/justifiable.  Lastly, we will decide and share whether our ideas about diversity will enhance our lives and the lives of those we encounter.

First, I will be sharing origins of my own ideas about diversity. I will begin with stories of how my understanding of race and racism began to develop during my childhood.  I will continue with stories of how my understanding of race as a social construct continues to develop as I reflect on my experiences as a Black woman in higher education.

Reflections for viewers and guests:

What new information did you learn?
How might you apply your new learning?
What are 2 suggestions for future topics?

Call to Action:

I encourage you to slow down and take some time to talk with people; especially across cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  You may be surprised at how a small act like this will make your day and enhance someone’s life for years to come.

cherigale buchanan education



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